When the Client Doesn't Care about Quality

This is a very interesting scenario that I have been facing more on private projects than in public ones (with public authorities as a Client).

Everyone says that they obviously care about “quality” and the final product in a construction project but in reality there is only a handful of organizations that they know how to deliver and ensure the “quality” is there.

Quality Management Systems and their respective standards (such as ISO 9001) have been invented and implemented by thousands of companies in the world (including construction companies) to make sure that there is a bit of guidance in regards to the procedures and its interactions between them, in order to deliver value and a final product or service that will make everyone happy.

The fact that some Client organizations have no idea and they don’t see the value of investing and monitoring such a system with its elements and its required resources in place, is a testament to how incompetent those companies can be at the end of the day.

If Clients, consider micromanagement and continuous policing in projects as the highest priority in their agenda then they should be educated differently in my opinion.

Yes, I truly believe that in many cases the Clients should be educated on the value that proper Quality Management can bring to their projects and avoid the attitude that says this is an additional cost with no benefit.

What’s your thoughts?