Auditing in Construction: all the different types of audits that exist

Auditing is used in quality management as a means of checking and monitoring that things are going the right way (this is an over-simplified term by myself though) and there are many different cases where an audit can actually prevent things from going wrong.

There are many types of audits that one can find in construction projects and I am detailing all of them here:

One thing I will never forget is the things I saw when auditing a concrete batching plant back in the early 00s in Abu Dhabi.

There was nothing wrong with the plant quality-wise and it was properly run to be honest.

Now… when it comes to the people working in the plant itself, let’s just say that it was also their home basically staying in containers in the plant next to the piles of aggregates. I wasn’t really comfortable auditing there and that made me realize how lucky we are in other parts of the world.

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This sounds horrible but unfortunately it is common practice in the Middle East.

Yes, behind the shiny skyscrapers and beautiful resorts, there are millions of people (the ones who actually built them…) who live in extreme poverty and really poor conditions.

companies that work like this should be ashamed and terminated from business

easier to say than actually to be done…unfortunately we are in one of the nastiest industries in the world.

Unfortunately, this is still common practice in the Middle East and to be fair there is nothing that can be done from our side, as quality professionals.

One could argue that probably the H&S Teams should get involve in such situations but at the end of the day it is the countries that allow such exploitation of people. Let’s face it: this is modern day slavery but this is probably a discussion for another topic and not on a topic about Audits! :smiley: