Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore

There is obviously no doubt this collapse is due to the cargo ship but there are many experts who say the bridge was not built or maintained properly and it was lacking


Such a good example of the lack of proper investment in public infrastructure in the US the last 40 years.

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I hope that the steel from the collapsed Baltimore bridge will be recycled and repurposed for a new government project that serves a crucial purpose in defense or trade. Utilizing this material in such essential infrastructure not only promotes sustainability but also ensures that valuable resources are put to good use, supporting the nation’s security and economic growth. Let’s turn this unfortunate event into an opportunity to build something that benefits us all.

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That’s a great point and I really hope they do at some point but I do not have much trust in public authorities these days. We are barely sratching the surface of recycling and repurposing of materials in construction and there is so much waste overall in this industry.

Excellent point indeed!
Let’s see if we will ever find out where all that scrap metal ended…