Construction Snagging Apps

I have recently posted a handy list of Construction Snagging Apps or apps that can generally be used to record something at a construction project.

Here it is:

This is a very interesting topic in my opinion and I have seen the space changing the recent years from literally no software at all to some very advanced apps and platforms that are now used in many construction projects.

However, I am still not convinced that data management from the field is something that most companies are focused on and even if they are using an app for collecting quality control or other data from the site, the data are not even looked at in many cases.

In some other cases, there might be a Client who is insisting on using a specific platform which can make things even more complicating.

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Exactly! Not even close in my opinion.

We are still in Stone Age in construction in regards to data management and analysis.

BIM was a good opportunity to provide a platform for a unified system to view and have available site data but I feel it’s a missed opportunity, as it’s basically “one more thing” that mjst be done along with anything else, in a project.

Totally agree with that.
It’s been more than 10 years that BIM became mandatory in major projects but to my eyes it has only felt as an afterthought that hasn’t been implemented or engaged with properly in projects nowadays.

There is definitely some progress in regards to data management and EDMS usage but we have many years ahead of us for proper and full implementation.