Measuring Quality in Construction

There is no doubt today that measuring what you do is fundamental in order to monitor your performance and take action in order to improve.

But how do you actually do it in construction projects and how easy it is to get the right data to analyze?

I recently wrote my opinion here:


The only objective thing that can be measured in quality in construction is materials testing as per the applicable standards (like concrete testing etc).

Everything else in regards to failures and nonconformities on site can easily become a finger pointing exercise or a just a matter of endless discussions with the site teams whether or not something needs to be raised as an NCR.

Been there, done that…

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As I mentioned in my post, one of the easiest ways to measure Quality is just the NCR trending and monitoring.

That would be enough in many cases and could easily provide information in regards to performance.

However, if there is a negative NCR culture within a company/project then it can become just a finger-pointing useless exercise.

It’s always about the quality culture within the organization.


and this is why the culture is the most difficult to change most of the times especially in companies that work with very old systems and processes.

Great inputs pauligle! These days data and analytics is very important in all aspects of construction.

In theory, we should even have to measure anything as long as things are automatically measured for us with smart us of technology and data management overall. It’s crazy to think that to this day and age of AI advancements there is probably no construction project in the world that uses advanced technology to make things more efficient and leaner. We are unfortunately in an industry where the use of a spreadsheet is considered “innovation”…

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This is so true!!!

However, I believe we are now in the phase where using PowerBi Dashboards is considered highly innovative!

(I love PowerBi and I wish more companies and quality teams were using it…)

If the Company or Project top management doesn’t embrance quality in a rightful perspective… It’s taken to be pinpointing other functions that participate in construction hence its always about perception of the quality measures and controls especially if a negative NCR is encountered

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